Small groups are the place where discipleship happens. Men's and women's groups gather every other week for prayer, accountability and sermon discussion. Want to join a group? Contact us and we'll get you connected! 

Small Group Questions

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May 17, “Outward Focus”

  1. Am I intentional in spending time in prayer? Do I pray for other believers? In what areas in my prayer life do I need to grow in?
  2. Do I recognize the spiritual warfare that is happening around me? Am I more willing to believe it is “peace time” or “war”?
  3. Jesus pursued me, am I willing to reach out to others? What keeps me from sharing my faith more often?



May 24, “Not A One-Man Show”

  1. Which areas do you need to correct in your life as you consider these examples? Which areas do you see personal growth in? 
  2. How have you been encouraged in the past by hearing how God is working in others’ lives? What keeps us from being vulnerable? 
  3. Being vulnerable for encouragement, being comforted but not selfish, agonizing in prayer, having accountability—which area do you need to grow in?

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