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Small Group Questions

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Small groups start January 7th!

People on Mission


Learning to Live

1.   When we are living for the Lord, we will face opposition. Have you ever felt like you were living out God’s will for your life, but things weren’t going as planned?

  • When considering Nehemiah, his example of hearing about the poor condition of Jerusalem and being bold enough to request from the king to be part of the rebuild (chap. 1-2), do you boldly follow his example and pursue being a part of God’s kingdom building or do you choose to remain in your own comfort?

2.   People on mission will face opposition. Pastor Justin highlighted three areas of opposition: our flesh, the world, and Satan.

  • Is there sin that I am choosing to live in which needs to be repented?
  • Is there sin that I am confusing with virtue? (Are we believing a lie to be true, wrong to be right, or evil to be good?)
  • Where are we allowing Satan a foothold into our lives? Are we believing his deceit? Or succumbing to his temptations?

3.   Are we persisting in prayer? What do our prayer lives look like? Are they only full of supplication or do we have a well-rounded prayer life full of adoration, confession, thanksgiving and supplication?

4.   People on mission must not live in fear!

  • Fear keeps us from what we know we ought to do. Where are we allowing fear to cripple us? (From sharing the gospel? From serving the church? From opening up in small groups?

5.   People on mission take action, whereas fear forces us into the sin of omission. What in my life do I know God is calling me to or has commanded me to do that I am being complacent in or refusing to obey?

6.   What discouragement or distraction is possibly hindering me from being on mission?

Weekly Accountability Questions:

How has your pursuit of God been? How are your disciplines?

What has God been doing in your life? What are you learning? Be specific.

What’s big in your life right now?

How is your marriage/purity in mind and action?

What is your biggest sin struggle? What do you specifically need prayer for?


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